SHAREit for PC – the best solution for your files transfer!

People use a lot of gadgets, small and big, with this or that operating system. Of course, having several devices is always a plus: you can use any you feel comfortable with and enjoy all its benefits. However, some users face certain difficulties when trying to transfer important files from one device to another. Many people have to use various cloud storage services for this.

Do we really need all that trouble? Or is there some other way to transfer files from various gadgets to the PC without USB and installing any drivers? Yes, there is. It’s SHAREit.

SHAREit for PC – the best solution for your files transfer!

What is SHAREit?

FOR SHAREit is a great solution for transferring files from various devices to your PC. It is completely free to download and stunningly easy to use. It offers numerous hints and guidelines heling even very unexperienced people to figure out how it works. Using this App, you will be able to connect your phone, tablet, and other devices to the computer via Wi-Fi and transfer files just in few clicks.

Until recently, this App was suitable only for mobile phones and allowed data transfer only between Android and iOS-based gadgets. However, given the increased popularity of the application and the need to exchange the data between mobile devices and a computer or a laptop, a version for PC was developed. The transfer is performed via a closed Wi-Fi network between the devices so that the files stay private and can’t be received by anyone else but you.

Important: In order to transfer photos from your phone to the PC, you need to download and install the different SHAREit Apps meant exactly for your phone and your PC operating systems. Only in this case, you can enjoy transferring data directly and without intermediaries.

The devices and operating systems suitable for the


To the great joy of users from all over the world, the SHAREit application is able to easily interact with many popular operating systems: they include iOS, incredibly demanded by Windows, everyone’s favorite Android or the rather common Windows Phone. Since each of your devices can have its own OS installed, it will not interfere with the overall operation of the program, which is very convenient for those users who have already managed to acquire a huge number of different gadgets. You can also add your relatives and friends to this easy transfer of files simply by letting them scan the QR code or sending them a special link to download this application.

At the same time, SHAREit goes along with numerous additional tips so that you can quickly understand the details of the settings and restore the dropped connection, if suddenly something goes wrong, not the way you’ve planned.

How safe is transferring files with SHAREit?

SHAREit transfers are absolutely safe and your files can’t accidentally get to other devices that do not have SHAREit installed. Your personal photos and recordings will not suddenly come to your neighbor who has managed to connect to your Wi-Fi.
The peculiarity of the SHAREit version for PC is that the utility creates its own “hot spots” for data transfer, completely protected from external interference. This gives you a guarantee that your files will not get into the hands of third parties and your operating system will not pick up any virus, which can have extremely negative consequences both for user data and for the stable operation of the entire device.

NOTE: As soon as the transfer of the file you selected is completed, the closed network created by the application automatically shuts down, and if you want to launch another file transfer, you need to activate the hotspots again.

The speed of the transfer

The data transfer speed will depend on the total file size, especially if it is an HD video file. But if you just need to transfer a few photos from the phone to the PC, the speed will be very high, and the procedure will take only a couple of seconds. However, if you work with huge file folders, it does take some time. Anyway, the speed you get is about 40 times faster than the speed of the transfer conducted with the help of Bluetooth.

Files and formats supported by SHAREit

It appears really convenient that you can share both separate files and file folders using SHAREit for PC. The App works with all types of files beginning with texts and photos and ending with long music and video files. Here is the list of the most popular supported formats: doc, xls, pdf, mp3, mp4, wav (Windows only), aiff (Mac only), avi, mkv, mov, divx, flv, ogg, ogv, png, eps, jpeg, tiff, gif, bmp. There are actually many others making it too much to mention.

SHAREit main features

SHAREit for PC has numerous great features that make this App grow more popular with users all over the world. Here are just the main ones:

It’s absolutely free to download and use – probably, this is the best thing about it.
You can use the SHAREit application without internet access.

It ensures high-speed data transfer.

The App allows sharing files between various devices with different operating systems.

You can transfer files of any size and format.

Downloading SHAREit

It’s easy to download this app and use it. Just get to the official site, press the download button SHAREit for PC, select your type of OS and start downloading. Install the App according to the instruction with a few simple steps and here you are! You can start using it anywhere and anytime you need.

Note the requirements to your PC:

Smooth installation requires about 1 Gb of RAM. A most recent variation of HD graphics will be helpful too. Good 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connection is a must. At least 4 Gb of free space on your C disk drive.


As you see, SHAREit sounds like a simple and useful App, and in practice, it is even easier than you can imagine. Sure, being new to it, you may face some difficulties at the beginning. But after a couple of file transfers, you are sure to become an expert and enjoy this great tool. The interface is well thought out and friendly to the user of any experience level.